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Vietnam: LANDMECOs first participation at the Vietstock exhibition

LANDMECO participated for the first time at the Agricultural fair VIETSTOCK in HCMC in Vietnam together with our new owner SKIOLD and their strong team in Asia.


Together we presented a strong range of products and unique solutions within both pigs and poultry.


The exhibition was an ideal platform for building up further relations within the poultry business towards some of the key players in Vietnam and other south asian countries.


The first orders are already a reality, and more are expected to follow.


LANDMECO is looking forward to a promising future in Vietnam.

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New LANDMECO dealers in Canada

We are happy to announce that LANDMECO now have 2 additional dealers in Canada:


DJB Groupe in Quebec and South Country Livestock Equipment Ltd. in Alberta.


We have already had the first orders, and have big expectations for our future cooperation with these two dealers.


Welcome to DJB Groupe and South Country Livestock Equipment Ltd.

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LANDMECO & SKIOLD wins their first broiler project in Vietnam

LANDMECO & SKIOLDS first broiler project in Vietnam is now a reality. The project which includes feeding & drinking systems as well as augers for a farm with 14 broiler houses for 490,000 birds, was signed in Denmark this week between International Sales Manager Alex Dybdal and Director Ms. Lan Thi Ngo. The farm is the first out of several farms which is expected to be realized over the coming years as a part of the same overall project.

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SPACE 2018: LANDMECO experienced great interest from the french market

During this year’s SPACE, LANDMECO was both represented at the SKIOLD booth as well as the booth of a couple of LANDMECOs French dealers: Sodimel & MEF. LANDMECOs business in France has been growing steadily for the last few years, and the interest experienced on the SPACE exhibition has proven that the future looks very bright as well.

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LANDMECO A/S is acquired by SKIOLD A/S

LANDMECO, Scandinavia's largest poultry equipment manufacturer, is today taken over by SKIOLD A/S, a leading Danish agricultural company, with subsidiaries in Europe, CIS, Asia and Oceania. LANDMECO has grown heavily year after year, both within broilers and layers, and has strong expectations of continuing this development. SKIOLD's acquisition is seen as a major strength in relation to LANDMECO's continued growth strategy.


"Today, LANDMECO's strong product range is already sold through dealers in more than 20 countries, and with SKIOLD's large network, there are many exciting opportunities for distribution in new markets. In the future, LANDMECO will stand even stronger, via SKIOLD's acquisition, because of improved competitiveness in a poultry market that is growing rapidly. We are seeing a future full of opportunities, "says Karsten Andersen, CEO, LANDMECO A/S


There are no changes in LANDMECO's daily management and operating organization as a result of SKIOLD's A/S acquisition. Questions can be directed to Karsten Andersen, CEO, LANDMECO A/S

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VIV Utrecht 2018: 3 busy and exciting days for LANDMECO

VIV Utrecht 2018 was a big success for LANDMECO. There was great interest in the entire range, both in broilers and layers, and it was good to see both LANDMECO dealers, customers and partners from all over the world at the exhibition.


The exhibition also opened up new potential business opportunities in countries where LANDMECO is not represented today, which we look forward to looking into in the coming weeks and months.


Exciting new orders were also made. LANDMECO especially thanks SV AGRITECHS Co. Ltd. / Boonyoung farms from Thailand for the order of 38 broiler houses in the fall. LANDMECO is very excited to start the project.

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The launch of draper LAYERS at the British Pig & Poultry was a huge success

Besides draperVENT’s usual booth with equipment for broilers, draperLAYERS was also represented with their own booth this year showing both aviary systems for layers and rearing. The interest from the visitors was overwhelming and the first meetings based on leads from the exhibition are already taking place.


draperLAYERS has also had a very good start within breeders, as the first 4 houses have already been sold, and soon they will be ready for installation.

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Breakthrough: LANDMECO's first rearing & layer project in Israel

We are very proud to announce that we have sold the first rearing & layer project in Israel ever. The rearing house has a capacity of 30.000 birds and the layer house has a capacity of 23.000 birds. Both houses are new constructions. 


The installation will be this summer, and we will follow up with photos from the projects in the next LANDMECO NEWS.

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LANDMECO's debut at the IPPE exhibition in Atlanta

The booth was small, but the expectations were high. Just the spirit for any exhibition you are participating in.


The IPPE exhibition is one of the largest annual poultry exhibitions in the world, and it was good to see both LANDMECO dealers, clients and partners from around the world at the exhibition. The exhibition also opened up new potential business opportunities, both in North and South America, which LANDMECO is looking forward to exploit further in the weeks and months to come.

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The inauguration of Denmark’s biggest broiler house

Kjeld & Gerda Andersen’s newest broiler house is 6,278 m2 and is 146 meters long and 43 meters wide. The house has a capacity of 130,000 broilers per rotation. Kjeld has used his extensive experience with both building construction and broiler production to build the perfect house where nothing has been left to chance. LANDMECO has supplied both feeding & drinking systems & augers to the house and it is quite a lot of equipment which is needed in such a big project. The 1.880 feeding pans, which have been delivered, amount to a total of 1,88 km of feeding space for the animals. This equals that the broilers from the house could eat on each of the 4 corners of the Empire State Building from pavement to top and then even a little more. Further 8.000 drinking nipples have been delivered. The house is made with a central passage across the house and all augers run from the center and out to each end of the house. In total, there has been installed 20 feeding lines and 22 drinking lines each of 71.5 meters with 2 rows per hoist. In total, 20 drive units and 9 auger drive units have been installed. It also takes a lot of feed to run a broiler house like this, more precisely approx. 520 ton per rotation and with an expected rotation of 7,6 per year it will amount to about 4,000 ton feed on a yearly basis or what equals to what 110 elephants eat in an entire year.

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