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Poland: LANDMECO supplies yet another new complete broiler project

Poland is still developing its broiler production and LANDMECO is a big part of it. 


25 October there was an open house event celebrating 2 new broiler houses at Aneta Brychcy-Smulska and Hubert Smulski’s Farm. Each house is 21 x 120 meters. It is equipped with 5 lines of the new 330° pan feeding, 6 drinking lines and 6 water heaters. We wish our customer all the best.

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New bio house at Vallø Stift is about to be ready for the birds

On Monday it was celebrated that Vallø Stift has soon got another house with LANDMECO's aviary system. Like the former house, the new house has a capacity of 12,000 birds.

Vallø Stift also has a house with LANDMECOs rearing system.

LANDMECO wishes Vallø Stift congratulations and appreciates the good cooperation.

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New Zealand: Real Air Solutions is LANDMECOs new partner

Real Air Solutions is a NZ based company supplying pig and poultry related equipment into the NZ market

Company Directors Graeme Kelly and Dave Mathews have between them significant experience with poultry and pig.


Graeme an electrician and electrical inspector, Dave a former poultry farm owner and industry expert with a long history working with integrators.


Real Air Solutions has been around for many years under Graeme’s guidance, in 2017 the company took a big leap forward with a warehouse facility and other company structure changes.


The growth of business in NZ demanded a change of direction for RAS Ltd. The company is the NZ dealer for SKOV A/S, Hato lighting, and now LANDMECO.


LANDMECO welcomes Real Air Solutions, as our new partner in New Zealand.

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France: First layer house a reality

After the summer holidays, LANDMECOs first Combo layer system in France will be ready. It will be installed in an existing house with 3 rows of Combo for a total of 23.000 birds at monsieur & madame Badol, who have their own egg packing station (P’tit gone) with 180.000 layers. Their own farm is only doing cage production and they have to buy all alternative eggs from other farmers. Due to the fact that the demand for alternative eggs from the customers is increasing rapidly, they have decided to change their own production from cages to aviary in the coming years. The first house will be ready end of August and the second house will be ready beginning of next year.


Badol chooses LANDMECOs Combo layer system because of the openess of the system and the easy control and management.

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France: Three rearing systems are on their way - and more will follow

Sodimel experiences a lot of curiosity and interest towards LANDMECOs rearing system. 


Many potential clients showed up, as the first installation was getting finalized in an existing house, 15x95 meters, and the feed back was very positive. As most of the rearing houses in France are quite big farms where the birds are reared on the floor and most of the farmers are not yet familiar with aviary rearing, the farmers and integrations are looking for an easy-to-manage system, where the level of labor can be minimized. 


All the visitors agreed on the fact that the LANDMECO rearing solution is unique and can be the answer to what they are looking for.

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France: LANDMECO welcomes ELVÉO, as our new partner

LANDMECO welcomes ELVÉO, as our new partner in France. ELVÉO will distribute the full range of LANDMECO products.


For 40 years, ELVÉO has developed into being one of the most important references in their area in the field of livestock equipment.


‘Our business consists of developing all automation and flows in livestock buildings for our customers (electricity, plumbing, water treatment, ventilation, heating, watering, feeding etc.) 3 agencies, 3 self-service shops for the supply of specific technical spare parts for livestock, a service in Hygiene Concept and salesmen who visit the customers personally to propose and advise products and concepts in hygiene and in water supplements’.


ELVÉO choose LANDMECO as an exclusive supplier/partner for the complete concept of poultry husbandry.


We wish them a lot of success.

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Canada: Jonkman Equipment is LANDMECOs new partner

LANDMECO welcomes Jonkman Equipment, as our new partner in Canada (British Columbia). Jonkman Equipment will distribute LANDMECO products within broilers.


We wish them a lot of success.

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Canada: Penner Farm Services is LANDMECOs new partner

LANDMECO welcomes Penner Farm Services, as our new partner in Canada (Alberta & Manitoba). Penner Farm Services will distribute the full range of LANDMECO products.


We wish them a lot of success.

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Spain: New Complete LANDMECO broiler breeder solution

Agrener Industrial, LANDMECOs dealer in Spain, has just installed a complete LANDMECO broiler breeder solution in Spain with both laying nest, female feeding, male feeding, drinking system and augers.


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LANDMECOs sales team has been strengthened further from February 1

Also in 2017, LANDMECO will have extra focus on having a sales team that are geared towards the company's goal of increased growth. We are therefore very pleased to welcome sales coordinator Birgit Skov, who started at LANDMECO February 1st.


Birgit will be backup for the whole sales team, but her primary internal relations will be International Sales Manager Alex Dybdal and the countries he is working with.

Birgit has many years of experience within export sales and customer service, and she

is fluent in German, Spanish and English. Birgit will daily be based in Ølgod.


Welcome to Birgit Skov (

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