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Denmark: Organic open house with style at Rokkedahl Landbrug

Friday 15. April Rokkedahl Landbrug held open house in their 3 new organic broiler houses, with a capacity of 4,800 chickens in each house. There were many visitors at the event the whole day through.


LANDMECO delivered our pan feeding system and drinking system to the houses, and was proud to participate in this great project.


As the photos shows, Rokkedahl Landbrug has made a big effort to give their future visiting customers the best possible experience of and identification with the welfare of the chickens. Rokkedahl Landbrug has integrated a large impressive showroom in one of the chicken houses, where you can go down to a platform with glass windows that are below the level of the poultry house, so that you can observe the chickens in the house at their eye level. A truly impressive way to gain insight into the chickens' movements.


Rokkedahl Landbrug is a very successful player in the Danish broiler market with a total of 40 houses. 

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Poland: LANDMECO at international FERMA exhibition in Łódź

For the first time ever LANDMECO was present at the Polish exhibition FERMA. There was a lot of interest in the LANDMECO products, as well in broilers as in breeders. 


LANDMECOs Sales Manager Tomasz Wróblewski met many visitors and clients both from Poland and abroad, who wanted to know more about LANDMECOs pan feeding system, heathers and breeder nest.


This exhibitions has already resulted in exciting projects, which LANDMECO will finalize in the nearest future.

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Netherlands: De Nijborg Agri is LANDMECOs new partner

The Nijborg B.V. has since 1982 been a solid, reliable company with a transparent and structured organization. This is reflected in fast, flexible and customer-oriented services in the areas of Steel Construction, Agricultural and Hardware & Tools; the three pillars of the company. In the course of time they have grown into a strong and modern company in their fields. Since 2005, they have divided their work into three separate B.V.'s, which are Nijborg Staalbouw B.V., De Nijborg Agri B.V. and De Rijg B.V.


It’s De Nijborg Agri who are specialized in silos, feed transport and livestock equipment who has decided to distribute LANDMECO solutions for their poultry clients. Because of their central location and their reliable reputation we are sure we’ve find the wright partner to serve our Dutch clients.


We wish them all success,


De Nijborg Agri will be present at the exhibition LIV Venray from 1 till 3 march where the clients will have the opportunity to discover LANDMECO products.

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Belgium: LANDMECO & PVS at the ‘Agridagen’ exhibition

For the first time ever LANDMECO was present at the Belgian exhibition ‘Agridagen’ at the booth of the new dealer PVS. There was a lot of interest in the LANDMECO products, as well in broilers as in breeders.


LANDMECOs Areas Sales Manager Luc Willems reported from the exhibition: “We were continuously busy with explaining the Belgian farmers the specifications and benefits of our solutions. It was a great exhibition for LANDMECO as well as PVS”.


On the pictures you’ll see the whole PVS team represented at the exhibition.

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LANDMECO concludes agreement with PVS, Belgium.

PVS is a partnership of three independent installation company’s specialized in poultry equipment. They will distribute the full range of LANDMECO products in the Belgian market.


At the upcoming fair “Agridagen” from 12-14. February, everyone can discover the LANDMECO products at the PVS stand (number 4435).


The photo shows Joost de Haas, Frederick Roelens & Franky Verstrynghe.


We wish them a lot of success.

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New agreement with aniviva in Switzerland

aniviva has recently entered cooperation with LANDMECO to distribute our products in Switzerland, and it has been a flying start with both exhibitions and orders right from the beginning.


You can also find LANDMECOs products and aniviva at ”Tier & Technik” from 25-28. February, stand 2.1.09.

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LANDMECOs sales team is strengthened further from February 1

Also in 2016, LANDMECO will have extra focus on having a sales team that are geared towards the company's goal of increased growth. We are therefore very pleased to welcome sales coordinator Bjørn Lund, who will start at LANDMECO February 1st. Bjørn will be backup for the whole sales team, but his primary internal relations will be Area Sales Manager Luc Willems and International Sales Manager Alex Dybdal due to his considerable experience in cooperation with foreign dealers.


Bjørn comes from a similar position as sales coordinator at SKOV, where he primarily worked with the French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and German-speaking countries. Bjørn is originally from Switzerland, why his mother tongue is German. But in addition, he is fluent in French, Spanish, English and Danish. Bjorn will daily be based in Ølgod.


Welcome to Bjørn Lund.

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LANDMECO strengthens its sales team again

LANDMECOs desire to grow in the French-speaking countries also, has led to a further increase in the sales force, and we are pleased and proud to welcome Area Sales Manager Luc Willems.


Luc will be responsible for establishing and developing LANDMECOs dealer network in the western part of Europe and North Africa. Luc will daily be based in Belgium.


Luc comes from a similar position at Roxell and has a lot of experience in the industry, and we are looking forward to give our dealers and customers the opportunity to benefit from this experience.


Welcome to Luc Willems (


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Celebrating the largest broiler house in Denmark - Capacity: 131,000 chickens

In the middle of October, the largest broiler house in Denmark was ready at Niels Erik & Karen Thomsen. The large broiler house, which is split in the middle, measures a total of 150 meters in length and 40 meters in width. The house has a capacity of 131,000 broilers per rotation. LANDMECO has installed nine feeding lines and 10 drinking lines in the big house.


A few years ago Niels Erik & Karen Thomsen built another broiler house, with a total capacity of 120,000 chickens per rotation, which is located right next to the new house. LANDMECO also delivered both feeding and drinking lines for this house.


It is an impressive sight to see the two great looking houses next to each other. Two houses which together provide a capacity of 250,000 broilers per rotation. Fantastic.

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Brand new organic layer production at Peder Gasbjerg, Brande DK

Friday the 2 October Peder Gasbjerg and his wife Bente held a small private reception to celebrate their two new organic layer houses, that are made as two connected arch steel buildings. Each of the new arch steel buildings has a capacity of 6 sections of 3,000 chickens, and thus the total capacity of 36,000 organic chickens. 


LANDMECO has supplied all the equipment in the houses, where the selected solution consists of LANDMECOs Combo aviary systems, Lubings conveyer belt and Staalkats Farmpacker. Future Rundbuehaller has built the two connected arch steel buildings, and the hens come from Jørgen Lodberg (rearing).


It was a proud Peder Gasbjerg showing his guests around, and we can well understand this. The best experience was when Peder opened up the gates and let the chickens run out in the green areas. It looked like a huge white wave that came rushing out of the house toward the trees. No matter how many times you experience this, every time something special. You can also experience the 'white wave by seeing the short movie here.'

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