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Delivering the first 2015 LANDMECO calendar

It should of course be delivered in person to broiler producers Sølvi and Åge Haugvalstad, Mosterøy, Norway, since they were the ones who asked to have the calendar made ​​again, as LANDMECO did not produce any calendars in 2014.


So we (Karsten Andersen & Marie-Louise Fabricius) showed up unannounced at Sølvi and Åge at 9 pm Saturday morning, as it was to be a surprise. And it really was. We found Åge in the chicken house’ office and was allowed to take a look into the great looking house equipped with LANDMECOs systems. We saw a flock of fine fine birds in a nice house, with an uncommonly beautiful location right by the fjord.


Unfortunately we did not get to meet Sølvi, but later that day she sent us a glorious photo wearing LANDMECO hat and t-shirt. Wau - what a great looking LANDMECO model.

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Open house at the Harms family in Germany

LANDMECO & N. Lohmann (LANDMECOs dealer in Germany) had a good showing of the Harms family's new house.


The house has a capacity of 9,000 organic birds and has 2 rows of LANDMECO Combo aviary system installed. In addition to having supplied the system, N. Lohmann also supplied ventilation and many other things for the house.


In total, the longtime loyal LANDMECO customer now have a capacity of 15,000 bird in their 2 houses. LANDMECOs aviary system is installed in both houses.


It was especially nice to see, that there was so much interest for LANDMECOs products among the attendees.


LANDMECO wish the Harms family the best of luck in the future.

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Huge open house event by Paul Grefte, Sunbro, Netherlands

Via our Dutch dealer De Roo, LANDMECO participated in a huge open house event, which in many ways was more like a really nice exhibition. There were lots of visitors and lots of exhibitors. What an experience.


LANDMECOs Dutch dealer had delivered our feed and drinking system as well as hoist and augers for the nice house, which were 100 meters long with a total of 10 rows of feed and 12 rows of drinkers. The house is very innovatively made ​​with windows on the sides, geothermal, air purification etc.


We thank Paul Grefte very much for having been a part in this exciting project and wish him the best of luck in the future.

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Ronald Rokkedahl opened the doors for 2 more chicken houses

Ronald Rokkedahl is a busy man, and he certainly has not gotten less busy after this week's opening of two more broiler houses. Ronald Rokkedahl now has a total of 12 broiler houses, and of course there is LANDMECO equipment in all the houses.


And despite the many houses, all is in perfect order. Beautiful houses, beautiful surroundings and calm fine birds - there is no doubt that he takes pride in the fact that everything is tip top, and it is a pleasure to experience.


The two new broiler houses are built in the more traditional way with inner girders, and LANDMECO has been providing complete equipment for both houses, ie. feeders, drinkers and heating system. Ronald chose LANDMECOs Calor-Air in order to get a better air circulation when it is hot. At the same time he uses the Calori-Air to pull the hot air down from the ceiling.


The event was really well visited by both existing and future chicken farmers, suppliers, friends and especially family. All three generations of the Rokkedahl family was represented, so it was a festive day. LANDMECO congratulates Ronald on the nice houses.

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Probably the best & most beautiful placed chicken house in the world

Felleskjøbet, LANDMECOs dealer in Norway, has just held an open house in perhaps the world's most beautiful placed chicken house. Ole Martin Hårstads new chicken house is located in the middle of the finest unspoiled nature, and the chicken house is thoughtfully executed in fine dark wood, so it blends in with nature.


Ole Martin Hårstad have had chicken production since 1989, and in 2009 he switched to LANDMECOs equipment. In spring 2014 Ole Martin Hårstad chose to stop production in the older small chicken house and instead build a new fine chicken house on 20x60 meters. Ole Martin Hårstad delivers to Nortura. 


Felleskjøbet/LANDMECO has provided feed- drink- and heating system for the house. LANDMECO congratulates on the fine house.


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VIV Europe: Great interest in LANDMECOs products

This year's VIV exhibition was a great success for LANDMECO. There was great interest in the whole product range, both in broilers and layers.


We discussed many exciting projects at the exhibition, and LANDMECO expect that we can start distributing of our products within 1-2 new countries in the nearest future, based on contacts made ​​at the exhibition. So all in all it was a really exciting exhibition.


However LANDMECO had too little space to display all the products we wanted, so we must change that next time.

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LANDMECO sells its first aviary system in Portugal

Pedro Almeida from LANDMECOs new dealer in Portugal, Vale - Soluções para produção, Lda, has sold the first LANDMECO aviary system in Portugal.


It will be a combo aviary system which will be installed at the customers place, as part of the turnkey project LANDMECOs dealer has sold. The new house will have a capacity of 15,000 birds. The customer also has his own egg packing station.

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LANDMECOs first Compact system in Sweden performs beyond expectations

It is now a few months ago that LANDMECOs first Compact system in Sweden was completed at egg producer Lars Jönsson. The system has been in operation for a few months and the results and feedback from both the client and the egg packing station is absolutely amazing. Lars Jönsson has supplied the following data from his house after 8 weeks of operation:
0.2% dirty eggs
1.0% cracked eggs
0.2% floor eggs


Lars Jönsson is very pleased with the system and has allowed us to quote him for the following: "The system provides good economy with clean eggs and few cracked eggs. The system is easy to work with because the hens are very calm and there is no floor egg".


Lars Jönsson is also a satisfied LANDMECO customer because his own customer, the egg packingstation Hallandsägg, are very satisfied with the product they receive. The CEO of Hallandsägg, Sven-Åke Larsson, has allowed us to quote him for the following: "Lars Jönsson eggs are very fine and keeps a very high quality".

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LANDMECO equipment in Germany's largest new broiler farm

When Germany's largest broiler farm is built, there will be LANDMECO equipment installed in all houses


LANDMECOs distributor in Germany, N. Lohmann GmbH, has an extremely exciting project ahead of them, as they will supply the equipment for Germany's largest broiler farm, which will be built in the spring. The broiler farm will consist of a total of 8 houses each measuring 24x100 meter, and will thereby be the farm with the largest total number of m2 in Germany. There will be 5 rows of pan feeding in each house, which together form nearly 4 km of LANDMECO pan feeding on this one broiler farm.

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'LOOK & LEARN' in Finland

Now LANDMECO has also held 'LOOK & LEARN’ in Finland with the Finnish dealer Juha-Pekka Toukola, AgriToukola Oy. And also in Finland, the activity was a great success. The event started with a showing at broiler producer Mr. Oittinen, who has been a LANDMECO customer for many years and have LANDMECOs equipment in his three double houses. Mr. Oittinen has also just ordered LANDMECO equipment for an additional double house that will be ready for summer, giving him a total capacity of 180,000 chickens. At Mr. Oittinen the participants could see the system in practice and ask about everything regarding the operation, installation, etc.


Afterwards there was a seminar where Juha-Pekka Toukola gave a more theoretical presentation of LANDMECOs systems, which the participants could relate to what they had just seen in practice. There was a great curiosity among the 13-15 participants, which greatly helped to make the day a success. Many thanks to all participants.

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