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Agrovision 2013, exhibition in Norway - a big success for Felleskjøpet

LANDMECOs agent in Norway, Felleskjøpet, had a very good exhibition with lots of inquiries on their excellent stand, which has opened up the possibility of new exciting projects in the near future.
There was great interest in both chickens as an industry and not least LANDMECOs products. And the fair area for chickens was thus characterized by a positive atmosphere and a willingness to invest.
It was also great to see LANDMECOs pan feeding on the front page of the trade fair newspaper in the picture from June Mjølsnes and Runar Steinnes fine barn, which was inaugurated with 24,000 chickens in June 2013 (Read more about it here).

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Congratulations to Hopballegård with their fine new chicken house
Carsten Lomholt Jensen and Anders Lomholt just held an open house in their new chicken house with LANDMECO poultry equipment in Jelling, Denmark. The event at Hopballegård was extremely successful, and there is no doubt that the up to 100 attendees had a really nice day with lots of experience exchange and new ideas. Carsten & Anders has been good LANDMECO customers for many years and of course they have LANDMECOs equipment in their other three houses as well. The new chicken house measures 25 x 88 meters and has a capacity of 45,000 chickens. All in all, Carsten and Anders now produce almost 140,000 chickens per rotation. LANDMECO wish them good luck with the new fine chicken house.
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New dealer in Tunisia and Libya
Taadic and LANDMECO have had more and more contact over the last few years and now the relationship has evolved to Taadic being LANDMECOs dealer in Tunisia and Libya. Welcome to Taadic.
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European Champions 2013
The LANDMECO-supported Andersen Racing became European champions in Top Fuel again. It is the 4th time since the team was established in 2006. Besides the European Championship, the team also set track records (on the Santa Pod track in the UK) and European records in both time and speed. This took place at Tierp Arena in Sweden, where the car drove at 494 kph and thus came down the 300 meters in just 3.96 seconds. The talented driver from Norway, Thomas Nataas, was extra happy because this is his first championship in Top Fuel drag racing. The picture shows European champion Thomas Nataas from Andersen Racing and Anita Mäkelä from Finland, who in addition to running Top Fuel drag racing also is a poultry farmer and a long-term LANDMECO customer. LANDMECO wishes to congratulate Anita on her well-deserved second place in the European Championship.
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Welcome to Farmway Inc., who has just become LANDMECO dealer in South Korea
Export Manager Alex Dybdal has just returned from a visit at Chanho Park & ​​Changhui Won, FARMWAY Inc. in South Korea, where the final details about the cooperation fell into place, and we are pleased to be able to say that the first delivery to South Korea is already on it's way. Farmway Inc. has also been a SKOV dealer for many years, and is accustomed to working with Danish companies.
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Congratulations to Runar Steinnes & June Mjølsnes
Congratulations to Runar & June with their new chicken house with LANDMECO poultry equipment in Rogaland Agder, Norway. They have just started their first cycle of 23.800 chickens in total, and LANDMECO wish them good luck with the production.
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Sovereign Foods’ test of LANDMECOs pan feeding shows an impressive FCR of 1.556 (2:2)
LANDMECOs Managing Director Karsten Andersen flew to South Africa in February in order to install the equipment personally, and attend the start up of the first cycle to make sure everything was as it should be. The two similar houses (150x12 meters) are placed next to each other. Chicks were set into the houses at the same time, they got the same feed, had the same management etc. Everything was the same. The only difference was the feeding system. The data from the two cycles are very similar and shows clearly that LANDMECOs equipment is far more efficient and profitable. The final weight is higher, the average daily growth is higher and the FCR is lower. Besides these advantages, the LANDMECO feeding system requires a much lower level of manual labour due to the kick-off and easy-clean system. With the existing system approximately 1,8 ton of feed needs to be carried into each house by hand at the beginning of the cycle in order to provide enough feed for the day-old chicks. With LANDMECOs system this is done automatically. This makes a big difference, if you have a couple of houses. It makes a huge difference, if you have a couple of hundred houses. Also, Sovereign Foods’ feed-back on the cleaning process is very positive, as the LANDMECO pan is much quicker and easier to clean.
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Sovereign Foods’ test of LANDMECOs pan feeding shows an impressive FCR of 1.556 (1:2)
EuroTier 2012 in Hannover was the beginning of a new adventure, because this was where the contact between LANDMECO and the South African poultry integration Sovereign Foods was established. It was Ettienne Du Preez, Group Executive Agriculture, who spotted LANDMECOs new pan at EuroTier, and after a few introductory meetings and product demonstrations, the parties agreed upon testing LANDMECOs new pan in one of Sovereign Foods’ many chicken houses and compare the results with data from a similar house having Sovereigns existing feeding system, which is not LANDMECO. After having completed the first two cycles, the result is clear and convincing: LANDMECOs equipment is far more efficient and profitable!
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Congratulations Motland
LANDMECO congratulates Torger Motland from Rogaland, Norway, with his new 20x60 meter broiler house for app. 23.000 chicks. The house is equipped with LANDMECOs poultry systems and ventilation from SKOV. A total of five feed lines with 380 pans have been installed, resulting in 60 chicks per pan. The broilers can access water from a total of six drinking lines with 1.530 nipple drinkers, resulting in 15 chicks per nipple. So fresh feed and water will be easily available at anytime. This is Torger Motlands first chicken house, but hopefully not the last. The photo on the right shows Torger Motland and his father at the open house day. LANDMECO salesman Johnny Hansen and the norwegian dealer Asbjørn Mæland, Felleskjøbet Rogaland Agder, attended the open house day together with many potential customers from the area, who all had a very interesting day.
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Welcome to AgriCons T.E.C.
LANDMECO now also have a dealer in Serbia. AgriCons T.E.C. is a family owned business, which sells various agricultural machines and now want to expand their product range with equipment for poultry. AgriCons T.E.C. have just hired two sales and service employees to support their new activities. We look very much forward to the cooperation. Welcome to AgriCons T.E.C.
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