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First Compact system in Denmark shows real good results ...

LANDMECO installed the first Compact aviary system in Denmark back in September at Hardy Eskildsen, Topæg. The system has been running with birds in a little over 2 months and the feedback from Topæg is good.


The system generally runs very well and the birds are very eager to seek upwards in the system, which is reflected in the very limited number of floor eggs. Ream more in LANDMECO NEWS.


In January 2014 LANDMECO begins the installation of the Compact system in two houses in Sweden.

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Increased sales force at LANDMECO

LANDMECOs continuous growth has resulted in a growing need to increase the sales force. So 1 December LANDMECO welcomed sales assistant Morten Holm. 


Morten’s primary tasks will among other things be the handling of LANDMECOs spare part sales. Also, Morten will act as a back-up for LANDMECOs remaining sales force.


Welcome to Morten Holm.

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LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt is now running at more places in Denmark with stunning results (1:2)

In late August, LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt was installed at Jørgen Lodberg, Denmark. The house has a capacity of 18,500 birds and is the first of it’s kind in Denmark. At the beginning of November, the birds were 17 weeks and the results are impressive. "The animals are on average 160 grams heavier than normal at 17 weeks although the feed consumption is virtually the same as usual. It is particularly the birds’ legs and wings that are much stronger, "says Jørgen Lodberg. We assume that this is an effect of the system's many opportunities for free movement. The birds simply moves more than in other systems. "The birds are also extremely quiet and seems very comfortable," continues an very happy Jørgen Lodberg.


Jørgen Lodberg already has LANDMECOs aviary system for rearing without integrated manure belt in 4 other houses with a capacity of almost 70,000 birds. Jørgen Lodberg altogether breeds approx. 200,000 organic pullets annually. LANDMECO congratulates Jørgen Lodberg on the fine house and the impressive results.

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LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt is now running at more places in Denmark with stunning results (2:2)

In late October Vallø Stift Landbrug also started a cycle in LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt in a house with a capacity of 12,000 organic pullets. This was done as part of Vallø Stift Landbrug conversion to organic egg production. And the second new house (same size), which will be a layer house, is also already underway and expected to be completed mid-February 2014. The system in this house will be LANDMECOs Combo aviary system. LANDMECO congratulates Vallø Stift Landbrug on the project, which will be incredibly exciting to follow.


LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt were first installed in Kanakumppanit Oy in Finland in spring 2013 (see NEWS March 2013), and the feedback has been very positive. The breeding and the daily operation are going well and capture is also made easy and fast. This is done in the evening, where you start from the top of the system.

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Longtime loyal LANDMECO customer expands to 225.000 chicks per rotation

Henning Sørensen has just expanded his production by another 2 houses with space for 100,000 chickens. The houses measure 30x69 meters and 7 rows of LANDMECO pan feeding and 8 rows of Lubing drinking system is installed in each house. Additionally LANDMECO also delivered hoist, control cabinet and water arrangement for the houses. In total, Henning Sorensen now has a capacity of 225,000 chickens in his 5 houses. LANDMECOs pan feeding system is installed in all 5 houses. Congratulations to Henning here from LANDMECO.

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Agrovision 2013, exhibition in Norway - a big success for Felleskjøpet

LANDMECOs agent in Norway, Felleskjøpet, had a very good exhibition with lots of inquiries on their excellent stand, which has opened up the possibility of new exciting projects in the near future.
There was great interest in both chickens as an industry and not least LANDMECOs products. And the fair area for chickens was thus characterized by a positive atmosphere and a willingness to invest.
It was also great to see LANDMECOs pan feeding on the front page of the trade fair newspaper in the picture from June Mjølsnes and Runar Steinnes fine barn, which was inaugurated with 24,000 chickens in June 2013 (Read more about it here).

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Congratulations to Hopballegård with their fine new chicken house
Carsten Lomholt Jensen and Anders Lomholt just held an open house in their new chicken house with LANDMECO poultry equipment in Jelling, Denmark. The event at Hopballegård was extremely successful, and there is no doubt that the up to 100 attendees had a really nice day with lots of experience exchange and new ideas. Carsten & Anders has been good LANDMECO customers for many years and of course they have LANDMECOs equipment in their other three houses as well. The new chicken house measures 25 x 88 meters and has a capacity of 45,000 chickens. All in all, Carsten and Anders now produce almost 140,000 chickens per rotation. LANDMECO wish them good luck with the new fine chicken house.
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New dealer in Tunisia and Libya
Taadic and LANDMECO have had more and more contact over the last few years and now the relationship has evolved to Taadic being LANDMECOs dealer in Tunisia and Libya. Welcome to Taadic.
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European Champions 2013
The LANDMECO-supported Andersen Racing became European champions in Top Fuel again. It is the 4th time since the team was established in 2006. Besides the European Championship, the team also set track records (on the Santa Pod track in the UK) and European records in both time and speed. This took place at Tierp Arena in Sweden, where the car drove at 494 kph and thus came down the 300 meters in just 3.96 seconds. The talented driver from Norway, Thomas Nataas, was extra happy because this is his first championship in Top Fuel drag racing. The picture shows European champion Thomas Nataas from Andersen Racing and Anita Mäkelä from Finland, who in addition to running Top Fuel drag racing also is a poultry farmer and a long-term LANDMECO customer. LANDMECO wishes to congratulate Anita on her well-deserved second place in the European Championship.
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Welcome to Farmway Inc., who has just become LANDMECO dealer in South Korea
Export Manager Alex Dybdal has just returned from a visit at Chanho Park & ​​Changhui Won, FARMWAY Inc. in South Korea, where the final details about the cooperation fell into place, and we are pleased to be able to say that the first delivery to South Korea is already on it's way. Farmway Inc. has also been a SKOV dealer for many years, and is accustomed to working with Danish companies.
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