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Work fast - drive faster
Once again LANDMECO supports Andersen Racing and their participation in the European Championship in Top Fuel. Just like at LANDMECO, Top Fuel is all about thinking smarter, as every little detail has great importance going down the track with more than 500 Km/h. At the first race, Andersen Racing was unfortunately beaten in the semi-finals by the finnish driver Anita Mäkäla, who is also a chicken farmer - and a LANDMECO customer of course! LANDMECO wishes both teams good luck in the future races.
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Back in School
N. Lohmann GmbH has been a LANDMECO agent in Germany for 9 years, but only on the broiler assortment. Now they have taken the step to be a complete LANDMECO agent by having LANDMECOs full assortment including equipment for layers. N. Lohmann GmbH has allocated personnel to develop their layer business. Rene Lohmann, Meinolf Sasse & Tim Veith visited LANDMECO to have a full day ’back in school’ as they were going through the educational material developed by LANDMECO University. ’We had a great day with a very busy programme. Now, all the information needs to settle a bit, and then the really interesting work starts out with the customers. It will be really exciting to see what the future brings’, says Alex Dybdal, Export Manager.
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Norway: Seven neighbors chose LANDMECOs Combo aviary system

After looking at several solutions for systems for layers, seven neighbors in Ringerike, Norway, selected LANDMECOs aviary system. 'We took the right choice. LANDMECOs aviary system is open, bright and airy and the birds produce as expected, "says Olav Aasen, Wedge Farm, Guildford. Read the full article at Felleskjøpets website click (the article is in Norwegian).

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Extension of LANDMECOs range of drinking nipples
LANDMECO has recently experienced an increasing demand for cheaper products within drinkers. The range has therefore been extended to include the two models 4078 POM and 4022 POM. The product is completely identical to Lubings model 4077 and 4022 except for one thing: The exterior (”the house”) is made of POM instead of stainless steel. In 2012 Lubing produced 28 million nipples in POM, so the figure speaks for itself. Whether you as a customer chooses the model in stainless steel or POM is a matter of taste. Luckily LANDMECO now has both.
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LANDMECOs equipment delivers the goods
At the annual Danish poultry congress the producer with the best results in Denmark was elected within both broilers and layers. It is a brand new tradition, and LANDMECO are proud to say that we have supplied the equipment for both winners. LANDMECO sends the biggest congratulations to the two producers.
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First installation of LANDMECOs new rearing at Kanakumppanit Oy in Alastaro, Finland
Kanakumppanit Oy already has a LANDMECO Combo2 system with space for 25,000 hens and are thus existing customers. Kanakumppanit Oy have for some time been more and more focused on the importance of getting the right rearing into their Combo2 system, and has now taken the consequences of this by investing in LANDMECOs new rearing system with manure belt. This way they can ensure both the quality and continuity of the rearing themselves, without being dependent on others. It’s great with this quality consciousness in relation to rearing, which without a doubt soon will show an effect in the results from the layer house. LANDMECO expect that the next installment of the new rearing system will be in Denmark.
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