Breeder Nest
Since 1982, LANDMECO has developed and produced laying nests. The nests are exported to all parts of the world. LANDMECOs breeding nest is developed with particular focus on minimizing all potential shock impacts, from the egg leaves the hen until it reaches the packing station. The result is a nest which is extremely gentle. LANDMECOs breeder nests also provide some 25% more space.
Breeder feeding
LANDMECOS assortment withing Breeder feeding includes both pullet feeding, male feeding and female feeding. LANDMECOs male feeding allows the chain to run at very high speed. This ensures a rapid feed distribution and the simultaneous feeding of all cocks. LANDMECOs female feeding is based on LANDMECOs well-known chain feeding system and has two feed inlets for each circuit. The trough is raised and lowered automatically so that all birds are fed simultaneously. The solution comes with both plastic hoppers and steel hoppers.
Broiler Breeder - Film
See all about the benefits of LANDMECOs breeder feeding system and the breeder nest. Male feeding: Rapid feed distribution(60 m/min) ensures simultaneous feeding of all males. Female feeding: All troughs are filled before they are lowered. The film also shows LANDMECOs spacious laying nest, which ensures clean eggs and furthermore is extremely easy to clean.
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Drinking Systems
LANDMECO have several different types of drinkers in the range. The models from Lubing are either of stainless steel or alternatively a combination of stainless steel and POM. In addition LANDMECO also provides drinkers from Corti. Cortis nipples are with a special turned trigger-pin, providing significantly improved control of water flow and excludes any water leaking from the nipple.
Heating Systems
Get high efficiency with LANDMECOs Calori-Air, which despite its small size provides a large output. LANDMECOs Calori-Air has 7 circuits, which makes it possible to have an element which is only 91 mm in thickness, without losing effect. The heating system is specially developed for poultry houses, or houses with a lot of dust in the air or high heat demand. This means, among other things, that the distance between the blades is big, and that the blades are particularly strong, so they can withstand washing. Also, the fan has a total of 10 blades, ensuring that the heating system is very quiet.
Hoist Systems
The broad LANDMECO range of equipment for all types of hoisting operations has been compiled and developed on the basis of many years’ experience. LANDMECO can therefore find a satisfactory solution for even the most complex constructions and systems. Furthermore, LANDMECO is a total supplier of all necessary equipment.
LANDMECO offers a very wide range of augers. The augers are built from standard components that can be combined and used for various auger sizes. This makes it very simple to design precisely the right auger for specific tasks.
Elterntier Nest
Seit 1982 hat LANDMECO Legenester entwickelt und produziert, die weltweit exportiert werden. LANDMECO’s Aufzucht Nest wurde mit besonderem Augenmerk auf das Minimieren potenzieller Stoßbelastungen entwickelt, vom Legezeitpunkt bis zum Erreichen der Packstation. Das Ergebnis ist ein sehr schonendes Nest LANDMECO’s Nest bietet aufgrund seiner speziellen Konstruktion außerdem ca. 25% mehr Platz als vergleichbare Nester.
Die Calori-Air Geräte von LANDMECO haben auch trotz ihrer geringen Größe einen hohen Wirkungsgrad und bringen hohe Leistungen. LANDMECO’s Calori-air hat 7 Kreisläufe und eine Heizflächenstärke von nur 91 mm ohne Leistung zu verlieren. LANDMECOs Calori-Air wurde eigens für Geflügelställe, Ställe mit viel Staub in der Luft und/oder Ställe mit hohem Wärmebedarf entwickelt.Deswegen ist u.a. der Lamellenabstand sehr gross und die Lamellen sind besonders stark. Das Flügelrad verfügt über 10 Flügel, so dass die Heizung sehr leise arbeitet.
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