Exciting combination of practice and theory in Sweden

On the 30th of January MPA, Munthers and LANDMECO had an exciting event for approx. 30 interested egg producers.

The event combined the practical experience of an open house visit with a seminars more theoretical considerations, and the feedback was incredible positive. Everybody met at Lars Jönssons, who has had the broiler and layer farm Ryggebo for 40 years. Lars Jönsson is the first customer in Sweden to have LANDMECOs new compact aviary system installed in his two houses. The houses measures 1.289 m2 floor area and along with the 5 rows of Compact, it gives a total capacity of 24.000 birds, and thus almost 20 hens per m2.

Lars Jönsson selected Compact because it is particularly suitable for existing low and narrow houses, and thereby optimize the usable area. After a few hours of review of the system and its benefits the group went on to Falkenbad Strandbad, where the seminar was held. During the seminar Henning Lund from LANDMECO gave a taste of LANDMECOs range of solutions and the benefits of the different choices. It was great to see such a large attendance, and especially the active participation of all attendees. So all in all it was a really exciting day in the name of facts. 

Estos son algunos casos prácticos seleccionados

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