LANDMECOs sales force is accelerating

Being a part of the SKIOLD Group opens up a lot of opportunities which must be pursued

We are therefore very proud to welcome our two new members of the LANDMECO sales team:

Vincent Frigout, Sales Manager, Spain
Vincent will be responsible for accelerating all poultry sales in Spain, both within broilers and layers. Vincent has experience in the poultry sector from his previous jobs. You will be able to meet Vincent at two upcoming poultry congress’ in Spain: the Lorca Congress on 5-7. November and AVIFORUM  28-29 November.

Thanh Tran Tan, Area Sales Manager, SEA/Vietnam
Tan will be based in Vietnam. He has a bachelor degree in international business from the Foreign Trade University in Vietnam and an MBA from Columbia Southern University. With 15 years of wide experience in sales and marketing, Tan will contribute to further growth in SKIOLD/LANDMECO Vietnam together with the rest of the SKIOLD South East Asia team.


We are also looking very much forward to welcoming a new responsible for LANDMECOs technical support, Hans Jørgen Andersen, who will start 1 November.




Nouveau directeur général chez SKIOLD LANDMECO

et responsable de la BU volaille de SKIOLD GROUP


Chez SKIOLD LANDMECO nous prenons la situation corona très au sérieux

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