POLAND: SKIOLD LANDMECO present at the 23rd. International Trade Fair of Pig and Poultry Farm in Lodz

SKIOLDLANDMECO once again participated in the Ferma Trade Fair on 14 to 16 of February 2020. During the 3-day fair SKIOLDLANDMECO presented both aviary systems for layers and rearing. The visitors could also see the SKIOLDLANDMECO pan feeding system for broilers which is very well-known in Poland and our water heater especially designed for poultry houses.

Thanks to all farmers for visiting our stand. We were also very pleased to meet our existing customers and business partners.


Réduction des coûts d’énergie et sécurité d’approvisionnement totale

Les prix élevés de l’énergie nécessitent une action. SKIOLDLANDMECO a donc conçu un systèm…

Nouveau directeur général chez SKIOLD LANDMECO

et responsable de la BU volaille de SKIOLD GROUP

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