SPAIN: LANDMECO’s first successful participation in JPA and AVIFORUM congresses

In November LANDMECO participated in JORNADAS PROFESIONALES DE AVICULTURA in Lorca and in AVIFORUM in Sevilla.

The JPA offered LANDMECO the possibility of discussing the upcoming challenges in the poultry meat and egg sector with 300 farmers, veterinaries and technicians and to present LANDMECO’s innovative solutions on how to tackle them.

AVIFORUM was another opportunity for LANDMECO and more than 400 egg producers and specialists to get updated information about layer production and technologies. Area Sales Manager Luc Willems was present in Sevilla, together with the Sales Manager in Spain Vincent Frigout, and participated in the round table about Aviary Systems, introducing Combo and rearing systems and showing various project references to the participants. 


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