VIETNAM: SKIOLDLANDMECO left great footprint to contracted farmers in the Year End event of Japfa Comfeed for poultry

On 7th Jan 2020, SKIOLDLANDMECO joined Japfa Comfeed Vietnam in the Year End event with more than 1.000 contracted farmers from the North of Vietnam. In Vietnam contracted farming is very popular. While the feedmill company supply stock and feed, the farmer raises the chicks and re-sells to the feedmill. 

At the event SKIOLDLANDMECO presented the Automatic Feeding System with Pan Feeding Kick-off 330° and Drinking System to farmers and gained a lot of interests from them. The farm owners also shared their experiences of using manual feeding and drinking systems and were generally looking forward to switching to new automatic husbandry technology.

Based on all the positive contacts received during this event, SKIOLDLANDMECO expects there will be a lot of additional business opportunities in the North of Vietnam.



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