Aviary Systems Combo

The most open system on the market

The Combo is designed with staggered tiers, which ensures the birds optimum freedom of movement, in a way that no other system on the market can. Further more, the centrally positioned nest ensures, that the hens have very easy access to the nest. The Combo also favors the producer as the staggered tier design provides an unobstructed view of all tiers & the nest simultaneously. The Combo ensures easy access to the individual tiers, and the slatted area in front of the nest is by far strong enough to be used as a catwalk for inspection. The Combo meets German KAT requirements as well as EU requirements.

Aviary System Combo One Tier

The Combo One Tier is particularly suitable for houses with a low ceiling. It is also a perfect alternative for classic floor housing for commercial layers with advantages such as automatic manure removal, everything integrated in the system (nests, perches, feed, water), no disassembling during cleaning and optimal use of the floor)

Aviary System Combo Plus

The Combo system has gone modular. The Combo Plus is suitable for houses where more space is needed. The Combo Plus is all about optimizing the space in the houses without compromising the Combos many advantages such as openness, freedom of movement, accessibility and unobstructed view.