Agrovision 2013, exhibition in Norway - a big success for Felleskjøpet

LANDMECOs agent in Norway, Felleskjøpet, had a very good exhibition

with lots of inquiries on their excellent stand, which has opened up the possibility of new exciting projects in the near future.
There was great interest in both chickens as an industry and not least LANDMECOs products. And the fair area for chickens was thus characterized by a positive atmosphere and a willingness to invest.
It was also great to see LANDMECOs pan feeding on the front page of the trade fair newspaper in the picture from June Mjølsnes and Runar Steinnes fine barn, which was inaugurated with 24,000 chickens in June 2013 (Read more about it here).


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Skiold Landmeco participates together with EURO SYSTEM.