Congratulations to LANDMECOs innovation team

As LANDMECO is member of the SKIOLD Group, the Innov'Space 1 Star was received by Jerome Chaplain, Sales Manager, SKIOLD Acemo, France

Congratulations to LANDMECOs innovation team who was awarded Innov'Space 1 Star for the Safe Connector. The Safe Connector works as a fitting for feeding lines and ensures the alignment of the feed lines in your broiler house.

It was LANDMECOs first participation at SPACE and the exhibition was a great success. A lot of existing customers visited our booth and overall, they are very pleased with LANDMECOs equipment. Some of the repeating arguments and remarks from the end-users were: user friendly, simple yet effective, Danish robust quality, follow-up from start to finish and excellent after sales service.

Also, a lot of potential new clients as well as specialists in the Poultry sector from all over France and French speaking countries found their way to our booth to find out more about our innovations & existing equipment within both layers, broilers and breeders. Many of the new customers were especially surprised about our exclusive Kick-off system and our 1-tier aviary solution.

LANDMECO sends a big thank you to all our visitors for the warm welcome at Space 2019. The future looks bright and exciting.


Ildex Indonesian 2023

Skiold Landmeco participates at Ildex Indonesian

SPACE 2023

Skiold Landmeco participates at SPACE 2023


Skiold Landmeco participates together with EURO SYSTEM.