Huge open house event by Paul Grefte, Sunbro, Netherlands

Via our Dutch dealer De Roo, LANDMECO participated in a huge open house event

which in many ways was more like a really nice exhibition. There were lots of visitors and lots of exhibitors. What an experience.

LANDMECOs Dutch dealer had delivered our feed and drinking system as well as hoist and augers for the nice house, which were 100 meters long with a total of 10 rows of feed and 12 rows of drinkers. The house is very innovatively made ​​with windows on the sides, geothermal, air purification etc.

We thank Paul Grefte very much for having been a part in this exciting project and wish him the best of luck in the future.

Ildex Indonesian 2023

Skiold Landmeco participates at Ildex Indonesian

SPACE 2023

Skiold Landmeco participates at SPACE 2023


Skiold Landmeco participates together with EURO SYSTEM.