UK: draperVENT is LANDMECOs new partner

LANDMECO welcomes draperVENT, as our partner in the UK.

In the future draperVENT will distribute the full range of LANDMECO products at the UK market, but will initially start-up with the assortment within broilers and breeders. Hereby a short introduction of the company:

At draperVENT we use our extensive experience to develop climate control systems for broilers that encourage the birds’ full genetic potential. We not only deliver the equipment but will work with you during the first few crops to ensure that you learn to secure the best possible bird performance. Decades of experience have led us to design broiler house climate control technology that specifically suits the conditions that prevail in the UK. Our systems are fine-tuned to provide the crop environment that encourages the full genetic potential from your birds. We collect data from each crop to point the way to future improvement. 

You can read more on draperVENT’s website:

Because of draperVENT’s experience, skills & ambitions, we are sure we’ve found the right partner to serve our english clients. We wish them a lot of success.

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