LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt is now running at more places in Denmark with stunning results

I slutningen af august blev LANDMECOs nye etagesystem til opdræt med integreret gødningsbånd færdigmonteret hos Jørgen Lodberg, Danmark.

In late August, LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt was installed at Jørgen Lodberg, Denmark. The house has a capacity of 18,500 birds and is the first of it’s kind in Denmark. At the beginning of November, the birds were 17 weeks and the results are impressive. "The animals are on average 160 grams heavier than normal at 17 weeks although the feed consumption is virtually the same as usual. It is particularly the birds’ legs and wings that are much stronger, "says Jørgen Lodberg. We assume that this is an effect of the system's many opportunities for free movement. The birds simply moves more than in other systems. "The birds are also extremely quiet and seems very comfortable," continues an very happy Jørgen Lodberg.

Jørgen Lodberg already has LANDMECOs aviary system for rearing without integrated manure belt in 4 other houses with a capacity of almost 70,000 birds. Jørgen Lodberg altogether breeds approx. 200,000 organic pullets annually. LANDMECO congratulates Jørgen Lodberg on the fine house and the impressive results.

In late October Vallø Stift Landbrug also started a cycle in LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt in a house with a capacity of 12,000 organic pullets. This was done as part of Vallø Stift Landbrug conversion to organic egg production. And the second new house (same size), which will be a layer house, is also already underway and expected to be completed mid-February 2014. The system in this house will be LANDMECOs Combo aviary system. LANDMECO congratulates Vallø Stift Landbrug on the project, which will be incredibly exciting to follow.

LANDMECOs new aviary system for rearing with integrated manure belt were first installed in Kanakumppanit Oy in Finland in spring 2013 (see NEWS March 2013), and the feedback has been very positive. The breeding and the daily operation are going well and capture is also made easy and fast. This is done in the evening, where you start from the top of the system.

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