LANDMECOs first Compact system in Sweden performs beyond expectations

It is now a few months ago that LANDMECOs first Compact system in Sweden was completed at egg producer Lars Jönsson.

The system has been in operation for a few months and the results and feedback from both the client and the egg packing station is absolutely amazing. Lars Jönsson has supplied the following data from his house after 8 weeks of operation:
0.2% dirty eggs
1.0% cracked eggs
0.2% floor eggs

Lars Jönsson is very pleased with the system and has allowed us to quote him for the following: "The system provides good economy with clean eggs and few cracked eggs. The system is easy to work with because the hens are very calm and there is no floor egg".

Lars Jönsson is also a satisfied LANDMECO customer because his own customer, the egg packingstation Hallandsägg, are very satisfied with the product they receive. The CEO of Hallandsägg, Sven-Åke Larsson, has allowed us to quote him for the following: "Lars Jönsson eggs are very fine and keeps a very high quality".

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