Sovereign Foods’ test of LANDMECOs pan feeding shows an impressive FCR of 1.556

EuroTier 2012 in Hannover was the beginning of a new adventure

because this was where the contact between LANDMECO and the South African poultry integration Sovereign Foods was established. It was Ettienne Du Preez, Group Executive Agriculture, who spotted LANDMECOs new pan at EuroTier, and after a few introductory meetings and product demonstrations, the parties agreed upon testing LANDMECOs new pan in one of Sovereign Foods’ many chicken houses and compare the results with data from a similar house having Sovereigns existing feeding system, which is not LANDMECO. After having completed the first two cycles, the result is clear and convincing: LANDMECOs equipment is far more efficient and profitable!



LANDMECOs Managing Director Karsten Andersen flew to South Africa in February in order to install the equipment personally, and attend the start up of the first cycle to make sure everything was as it should be. The two similar houses (150x12 meters) are placed next to each other. Chicks were set into the houses at the same time, they got the same feed, had the same management etc. Everything was the same. The only difference was the feeding system. The data from the two cycles are very similar and shows clearly that LANDMECOs equipment is far more efficient and profitable. The final weight is higher, the average daily growth is higher and the FCR is lower. Besides these advantages, the LANDMECO feeding system requires a much lower level of manual labour due to the kick-off and easy-clean system. With the existing system approximately 1,8 ton of feed needs to be carried into each house by hand at the beginning of the cycle in order to provide enough feed for the day-old chicks. With LANDMECOs system this is done automatically. This makes a big difference, if you have a couple of houses. It makes a huge difference, if you have a couple of hundred houses. Also, Sovereign Foods’ feed-back on the cleaning process is very positive, as the LANDMECO pan is much quicker and easier to clean.


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