Sri Lanka: Satisfied clients expands with LANDMECOs unique poultry equipment

One of LANDMECOs very satisfied clients

in Sri Lanka were so pleased with our solution in their 3 two-storey broiler houses (capacity: 150.000 broilers), that they have just ordered LANDMECOs solution again for a new three-storey house (capacity 75.000) including the LANDMECO pan feeding system, drinking system and augers. This house is part of a bigger project with several three-storey broiler houses, and LANDMECO is very much looking forward to the co-operation.

These are some of our selected references

Here you will find a small selection of our references from all over the world. If you do not find what you are looking for you are more than welcome to contact us.

Beautiful New Polish Broiler Farm

- Ready to supply to McDonald

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MEX: LANDMECOs first broiler feeding installation in Mexico is a fact.

The installation went smooth

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LANDMECO welcomes the first installation of the Kick-off 330° pan in Ukraine

The company Nuri International

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