24. March 2024

FRANCE Broilers

Open house at NEALIA

A big thank you to Emilian Diouy for, in partnership with the company THIRION as our local distributor, choosing LANDMECO. We would also like to congratulate the farmer on developing the regional poultry industry. He thereby shows other farmers an alternative path that provides a stable income over time.

At the open house event, NEALIA inaugurated a new building for conventional broilers. Thanks to the people in the poultry sector and to our local farmer for welcoming us.

The barn has a capacity of 40,000 broilers (84 x 20 m).

The NEALIA group was formed in 2008 from a joint venture of three regional specialists in animal feed: COPAM, CADSAR, and ETIENNE. The NEALIA group also supports professionals and individuals with the HORSEMEAL brand, formed in 2012. With its specialized poultry team, NEALIA is represented from A to Z in the poultry sector.

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