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Landmeco offers complete solutions for breeder stock houses. The range of breeder stock feeding solutions includes both rearing (spin feeder), rooster feeding, and hen feeding. LANDMECO’s rooster feeding system allows for an incredibly high chain speed, ensuring quick feed distribution so that all roosters receive feed simultaneously. Hen feeding is based on LANDMECO’s well-known chain feeding system. The trough is automatically raised and lowered, allowing all animals to be fed simultaneously.

Since 1982, LANDMECO has been developing and producing nests. The nests are exported worldwide. The breeder nest has been developed with a special focus on minimizing potential shocks, from the moment an egg leaves the hen until it reaches the packing station. The result is a nest that is extremely gentle, which is reflected in the excellent results customers achieve with it. Additionally, the breeder nest provides approximately 25% more space than comparable nests due to its unique construction.


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