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At LANDMECO, we are deeply proud to offer a diverse and innovative range of poultry equipment and solutions designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the poultry industry. Our extensive product portfolio includes a wide range, from advanced feeding systems to open cages, all aimed at increasing Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) for bowl feeding and meeting the requirements of broilers, breeding animals, rearing, and layers.

We have worked closely with customers and partners to develop products that prioritize bird welfare, functionality, and reliability, providing exceptional value for your investment. With a steadfast commitment to market-based design and product development, our solutions are always at the forefront and ready to meet the dynamic demands of the poultry industry. Discover the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of our products designed to help you achieve success in the poultry business. Explore our product categories and find the perfect solutions for your poultry production, whether you’re a small farm or a large-scale producer.


Our extensive expertise is dedicated to increasing the efficiency and profitability of your broiler production. With our patented bowl feeding system, we ensure faster growth rates, improved uniformity, and increased profitability, placing you at the forefront of the global industry.


We prioritize your needs by focusing on animal welfare, functionality, quality, and user-friendly maintenance of breeding facility solutions. Our range includes efficient feeding systems and innovative nesting boxes designed to improve both hen welfare and productivity.


Our chick rearing system has been meticulously designed with your needs in mind, emphasizing functionality, chick welfare, user-friendliness, quality, and easy cleaning. The result is a cost-effective and user-centered solution that offers the best conditions for both chicks and producers.


We prioritize your needs for flexibility and animal welfare in our laying poultry production systems. Choose between our modular Combo aviary system or the space-saving Xtra system, both of which meet German KAT and EU requirements, to tailor the solution to your specific preferences.