24. March 2024

Inauguration of Denmark’s largest chicken house

Kjeld & Gerda Andersen’s newest chicken house covers 6,278 square meters and measures 146 x 43 meters.

The house has a capacity of 130,000 chickens per rotation. Kjeld has used his extensive experience with both building construction and chicken production to create the perfect house, where nothing has been left to chance. LANDMECO has supplied the pan feeding system, drinking system, and augers for the house, and quite a bit of equipment is needed for such a large project.

The 1,880 feeding bowls provided offer a total of 1.88 km of feeding edge for the animals, which means that the chickens from Kjeld’s barn could stand and eat at each of the four corners of the Empire State Building, from sidewalk to top – and then some. Additionally, 8,000 drinking nipples have been supplied. The house is designed with a central cross-aisle, and all auger conduits extend from the middle out to each end of the house. A total of 20 rows of feed lines and 22 rows of drinking lines have been installed, each measuring 71.5 meters, with two rows per hoist. In total, 20 drive motors and 9 auger motors have been installed. A lot of feed is needed to run such a barn, approximately 520 tons per rotation. With an expectation of 7.6 rotations annually, this will amount to about 4,000 tons of feed per year, which is roughly equivalent to what 110 elephants eat in an entire year.

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