Reduce energy costs and ensure full reliability of supply

The prevailing high energy prices demand action, and at SKIOLDLANDMECO, we have developed an alternative heating system that is the ideal replacement for gas heating

It started out as a project to develop the perfect heating source for poultry houses. Since then, however, demand has expanded among customers with spacious premises – especially customers who are currently dependent on gas heating. Our system can heat even large areas in a stable, energy-friendly manner.

The Calori-Air Heating System can be installed either on the wall or on the ceiling, and its distinguishing feature is its remarkable efficiency in relation to the size of the heating element itself. Without compromising on noise level.

  • Available for wall- or ceiling mounting

  • Accessories for fixed- and winch installation

  • Ideal heat source for livestock facilities and halls

  • Max. output 80 kW

  • Max. flow 60 L/min

  • High efficiency in spite of its size

  • Low-noise operation

  • Easy to clean and to maintaine


We are happy to arrange a meeting – either in person or online – regarding our Calori-Air Heating System, with the opportunity to explore technical specifications in depth.

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