The most open system for layers

in the market with an unobstructed view of all tiers and nest

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Layer poultry farming

We will find the layer solution you need, whatever your requirements may be

The layer poultry farming systems from SKIOLD LANDMECO meet your requirements for flexibility and animal welfare.

The layer aviary system Combo is modular, and the flexibility is therefore high, no matter if the most important thing for you is; openness and overview, more system space or perhaps a lower design of the system. Perhaps the most important issue for you is that you can walk in the system while inspecting – this is also possible with the staggered tiers of the Combo.

Perhaps your wish is to get more area in the system on less space and if so the solution is the layer aviary system Xtra which really makes use of the square meters in the houses optimally.

Whichever solution you choose, LANDMECO’s products meet the German KAT requirements and the EU requirements.