Our history

SKIOLDLANDMECO was founded in 1932 in Ølgod and has grown into an international manufacturer of equipment for poultry

It all started in Denmark in the small town Ølgod back in 1932, when Christian Andersen in addition to his orchard founded his chicken farm by buying 200 chicks. Half of the birds died due to illness, and his first egg check was only worth 7.20 DKK or approximately € 1. After 2 World War the fruit trees gradually disappeared and the chicken farm business became the backbone of the company.

In 1961 his son Soren Andersen became a part of the company, and in 1965 the chicken farm business was grown to a hatchery with a capacity of 250,000 eggs, and the hatchery covered both broilers and chickens for egg production. The size of the private flock had grown to 15,000 hens. In 1970, the chicken farm was also approved as a breeding center.

In 1970 the distribution of poultry equipment started, and it soon included everything from drinking systems and feeding systems to laying systems and liquid vitamins etc. In 1977 the company made a generational change, so that Søren Andersen became the new owner and manager, and in 1979 the company received the name it has today, namely LANDMECO.

During the 1980s LANDMECO began to manufacture poultry equipment. Initially nests were manufactured, and as the chicken farm’s own production was with hens on the floor, this gave good opportunities to experiment with different kinds of equipment in order to find solutions that worked better than the systems that were already on the market. Afterwards LANDMECO started to look into manufacturing feeding system, including both pans and troughs. The systems were both for broilers, breeders and layers.

In 1996 LANDMECOs aviary system Harmony was launched. The system is still sold today, but in newly developed and modified versions.

In 1999 LANDMECO launched it’s well-known patented pan feeding system with kick-off and easy-clean. The system is still sold today, but in a new and improved version.

The son Karsten Andersen became a bigger and bigger part of LANDMECO from the late 1980s, particularly in the development of LANDMECOs own products. In 2007 Søren Andersen died and directorship was taken over by Karsten Andersen. 

In addition to the mentioned products SKIOLDLANDMECO manufactures many other components within the poultry equipment today, and the company has evolved to become Scandinavia's largest producer within poultry equipment, with exports to many parts of the world.

In 2018, SKIOLDLANDMECO was taken over by SKIOLD A/S, a leading Danish company in the agricultural sector, with subsidiaries in Europe, CIS, Asia and Oceania.