SKIOLDLANDMECO is a Danish owned company

established in 1932

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For customers and employees

SKIOLDLANDMECO, a part of SKIOLD, is Scandinavia's largest producer of poultry equipment. SKIOLDLANDMECO is based in Ølgod, Denmark, where we have designed and manufactured our products in more than 40 years. It is our history. From the very start, our ambition has been to create products that not only are good for the birds, but also are functional and reliable and provides our customers 'good value for money'. We do this by working closely together with our customers, by thinking smarter, and by always striving for a better solution.

Satisfaction is the road to success.

Whether you're working with broilers, layers or rearing, SKIOLDLANDMECO definitely have just the right product for you. SKIOLDLANDMECO has always focused on creating the best possible end result for the customer, with a minimum use of resources, both financially and time-wise, so as to enhance customer competitiveness. The customer is the starting point for everything we do, both in our product development, procurement, construction and installation. The customer is in focus.

Market based design and product development 

At SKIOLDLANDMECO there isn’t far from idea to action, whether it is new development, fine-tuning or renewal of existing products. The ideas comes mostly from the market, and as SKIOLDLANDMECO is working very closely together with our customers in all respects, the idea is tested shortly after it has occurred, and it is evaluated whether it is an improvement compared to the existing functional, reliable and efficient products. We strive to constantly be at the forefront and ready for the future, in order to meet our customers' changing needs in the different markets. And our size is our strength. It allows us to maintain the high level of dynamism, innovation, speed and adaptability, which is so important in order to be at the forefront.

Cost-effective production 

SKIOLDLANDMECO will only deliver good quality. Therefore virtually all of our products are developed and produced in Denmark, with only a few exceptions. SKIOLDLANDMECOs machinery is completely up-to-date with fully automated robotic cells, and we focus at all times on continuously improving our machinery to ensure a cost-effective production that can deliver the right combination of the right quality at the right price.