Complete solutions for breeder houses

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Everything from single components to complete solutions

LANDMECO offers complete solutions to breeder houses.

The assortment in breeder feeding includes both rearing (spin feeder), male feeding and female feeding. LANDMECO’s male feeding allows a very high chain speed which ensures a very fast feeding making sure all males get feed at the same time. The female feeding is based on LANDMECO’s well known chain feeding system. The height of the trough can be adjusted automatically and thereby feeding all animals simultaneously.

Since 1982 LANDMECO has developed and produced nests. The nests are exported all over the world. The nest for breeders has been developed with a special focus on minimizing potential shock impacts from the egg leaves the hen until it reaches the packing station. The result is a nest which is extremely gentle, and this is reflected in the good results customers have had with it. Furthermore, the nest for breeders give about 25% more room for the hens than similar nests due to the unique construction