SKIOLD LANDMECO receives the innovation award from Patent Nord by Zacco

SKIOLD LANDMECO proudly received, in the afternoon of Friday the 30th of October, the prestigious innovation award from Patent Nord by Zacco.

The award is a recognition of the company’s general focus on innovation and patenting, as well as SKIOLD LANDMECO’s capability to create products that are both good for the animals and attractive for customers.

A proud team, consisting of the International Sales Manager Alex Dybdal, the Supply Chain Manager Anders Kristian Andersen and the Managing Director Henrik Helsinghof received this year’s innovation award from Patent Nord by Zacco.


This fine award was given at the company’s main office in Ølgod by Keld Thyregod from Patent Nord by Zacco. Despite relatively few guests due to the restrictions in place for the COVID-19, a group of dedicated persons were present, including Varde’s mayor, Erik Buhl, who was there to celebrate a company that has been essential in the area for the past 40 years.


- We are proud of SKIOLD LANDMECO, that not only puts Varde in the spotlight, but also helps highlight Denmark on a global plan. SKIOLD LANDMECO is setting standards for agricultural equipment, and makes Denmark the pioneer within agriculture, says mayor Erik Buhl, and adds:

- Innovation is a requirement so that agriculture stays a strong profession. This award is proof that SKIOLD LANDMECO has dedicated itself completely to this task.


This work has been recognized and the company is now the proud owner of Patent Nord’s Innovation award 2020.


In close interaction with customers

At SKIOLD LANDMECO, the focus has always been to create solutions in close collaboration with customers, supporting the goals of poultry producers worldwide. The business logic and thoughts go towards creating closer interactions between the company and the customers, already at the product development phase.


- I am very proud and honored. The recognition that lays within this award means a lot to us. It is without doubt dedicated to all the skilled persons in the organization and encouraging them to continue their huge contribution to the company every day. It is certainly their work that is recognized today with this award, says Henrik Helsinghof, Managing Director at SKIOLD LANDMECO.


Creating together, instead of trying to convince customers, has been the key in product development at SKIOLD LANDMECO. Solutions that speak the same language as the customers, and therefore letting them be a part of the innovation.


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