SKIOLD LANDMECO wins Patent Nord’s Innovation award 2020

More than 40 years of work with design and innovation are celebrated with the Patent Nords Innovation Award 2020.

At SKIOLD LANDMECO they have had a close collaboration with customers with a continuous focus on creating solutions that will deliver consistent results for poultry producers all over the world. This work has now been acknowledged and the company is the winner of Patent Nord’s Innovation award 2020.


- I am very proud and honored. It means a lot to us to get the recognition that this award is. It helps us to continue the great work that all the skilled people in the organization deliver on a daily basis. It is beyond doubt that it is their work that is being recognized with this award, says Henrik Helsinghof, CEO of SKIOLD LANDMECO.


SKIOLD LANDMECO designs and produces their solutions from the base in Ølgod. For more than 40 years the company has manufactured equipment for broilers, layers and for breeding. Examples of these solutions are pan feeding systems and aviary rearing systems.


SKIOLD LANDMECO have continuously worked to create better solutions and have managed to do so by including customers and partners. This focus on a continuous product development has contributed to a number of patented products at SKIOLD LANDMECO.


- SKIOLD LANDMECO has proven that they think practical and innovative solutions into a context and that work deserves recognition and appreciation. The ability to develop good products, with a special emphasis on the animals as well as the functionality of the products and thereby also the customers, has made a big difference for many years. The recognition in the industry, and also seen in this award, requires special efforts and SKIOLD LANDMECO delivers on that part, says Keld Thyregod, Partner and Team Manager in Patent Nord Powered by Zacco.


The Innovation award is a returning annual award that is rewarded to a customer at Patent Nord Powered by Zacco, that has had a special focus on innovation and product protection. This year is a special milestone as it is the 10th year that Patent Nord presents the award.


SKIOLD LANDMECO receives the award based on a general assessment of their work on innovation and product protection by use of patents. Besides SKIOLD LANDMECO has created products that are good for the animals and attractive to their customers.

The award ceremony takes place Friday October 30th at SKIOLD LANDMECO, Haulundvej 16, 6870 Ølgod

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