Longtime loyal LANDMECO customer expands to 225.000 chicks per rotation

Henning Sørensen has just expanded his production

by another 2 houses with space for 100,000 chickens. The houses measure 30x69 meters and 7 rows of LANDMECO pan feeding and 8 rows of Lubing drinking system is installed in each house. Additionally LANDMECO also delivered hoist, control cabinet and water arrangement for the houses. In total, Henning Sorensen now has a capacity of 225,000 chickens in his 5 houses. LANDMECOs pan feeding system is installed in all 5 houses. Congratulations to Henning here from LANDMECO.



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Roulleau family chose SKIOLDLANDMECOs Combo

due to the great results in numbers of floor eggs, system eggs and nest occupation.

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Great start for Precision Farm Supplies with the Open House at Middelburg Poultry, Canada

” It all looks very sharp and the flood has been working well..."

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The Combo Plus aviary system ensures LANDMECO another satisfied customer

The client, who is from Israel, is very happy with his Combo Plus system

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